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    2 Buttons GSM Audio Door PhoneAudio (Solar Version)

    €313.65 excl tax
    The UP200-GSM-S is an intercom unit which as a cell phone can call the owner’s mobile or landline phone.
    By pressing one of the two call buttons on the intercom, it makes the voice connection in a few seconds, just like when talking via a conventional intercom system. This way it makes possible for the owner to receive the visitor’s calls and talk to them at anytime and anywhere, even when not at home.
    The unit does not need internal handset, any special installation or complicated wiring, it needs the solar panel INE-10M, Bbracket INE-10M_SH, battery SA214/7 and an active SIM card.

    Audio intercom with 1 key

    €538.00 excl tax
    IP Helios, with intercom and 1 key.
    The IP Helios is an advanced IP video door phone based on SIP standard, competitively priced and easy to use.
    The IP Helios combines professional design and technology features with excellent picture quality, ease of deployment and broad interoperability with 3rd party SIP products.

    BirdGuard Polycarbonate housing, White Edition

    €293.50 excl tax
    Outdoor unit IP BirdGuard, ideal for more security. It's polycarbonate finish white edition. You can see what the visitor does after you have opened the door. Thanks to the integrated motion sensor you will immediately receive a push-message to your Smartphone if someone has entered your property. You can speak to the visitor through an integrated speaker and receive his reply. If necessary, you can also connect an external high-performance speaker. This will enable you to trigger a>100dB alarm sound and chase the visitor away. Or you can also record and replay a predefined sound, such as a dog barking. This may result in more than 90% of burglaries being abandoned. Through the free app provided, you can attend and open the door to whoever rings your doorbell receive, wherever you are.


    €158.54 excl tax
    The DoorBird 2-Wire Ethernet PoE Converter is probably the world‘s smallest and most powerful converter. It allows you to transfer network data (Ethernet) and power (PoE) with a simple two-wire cable over long distances. For example; existing buildings with a simple two-wire bell wire can be equipped with network technology without having to retrofit any network cables.


    €57.72 excl tax
    The DoorBird PoE Injector is a compact and robust Gigabit PoE injector, compatible with the PoE IEEE 802.3af standard. Its high-quality metal enclosure has been designed for mounting on walls, ceilings or in control cabinets. The PoE Injector can be used wherever PoE-compatible network devices are supplied with power via network cable. The PoE injector is supported by all PoE-compatible DoorBird network devices, such as the DoorBird IP video door stations, the DoorBird door chime and the DoorBird 2 wired Ethernet PoE converter.


    €158.54 excl tax
    The DoorBird I/O Door Controller offers tamperproof control of up to three doors or gates over a network. It can be installed in a protected interior area and can be connected to the DoorBird IP video door station via the network. No physical wires have to be connected between the door or gate and the door station. The DoorBird I/O Door Controller therefore eliminates the risk of shorting and activating the electric door opener in case of unauthorized removal of the door station and makes your property/building safer. The connection of the DoorBird I/O Door Controller to the network can be accomplished via network cable (PoE cabability) or WIFI.
    All signals between the door station and the DoorBird I/O Door Controller are transmitted tamperproof and encrypted according to banking standards. Up to three electric door openers can be connected to independent and configurable NO/NC relay contacts at the I/O door controller while the wiring remains inaccessible from the outside. It is able to monitor whether a door or gate is currently open and offers the possibility to connect and monitor two external sensors such as e.g. a motion sensor or a contact switch. This can be used to actuate a further action, including an alarm push notification to a smartphone or tablet.
    There is no limitation concerning the amount of DoorBird I/O Door Controllers that can be connected to a DoorBird IP video door station on a network. Through the free app provided, you can attend and open the door to whoever rings your doorbell receive, wherever you are.