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    Duwi ZWaveME

    Duwi ZWaveMe full range of smart home products available on eurox10

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    Z-Wave USB Stick

    €39.98 incl tax

    This USB Stick connects a PC or any other computing platform with USB interface to a wireless Z-Wave network.

    A third party controller software compatible to the Sigma Designs Serial API is required to use the functions of the device. The third party software plus this UZB realize a static controller to manage and use Z-Wave devices of various vendors.

    This stick works with all certified Z-Wave devices regardless of its vendor or date of origin. The Sigma Designs Serial API specification is available to all owners of a Sigma Designs Z-Wave SDK.

    Please note that this product does not contain a license to run Z-Wave.Me’s controller software Z-Way. You can however upgrade the stick to accommodate this function using a licensing key ZWzme_ZWAYLIC.

    Z-WAY License

    €58.42 incl tax

    This software upgrades a Z-Wave Standard UZB Stick (ZWzme_UZB1) to a UZB stick capable running Z-Wave.Me’s controller software Z-Way. Just install Z-Way, go to the expert User Interface and include the key code you purchased. Every key code can be used only one time and is stored in the UZB Stick it was used for. This Stick is then portable and can be used on other platforms running Z-Way as well. This means UZB1 + Z-WAY => UZBWAY. Note that the license can only be applied when the UZB stick from Z-Wave.Me is used. The software will not work with third party hardware.

    Pack 3 Z-Wave On/Off Plugs Type F (Schuko) + Remote Control

    €169.95 incl tax

    We combine the high versatility of a remote control to the wirelessly electrical control of loads via Z-Wave. The plug adapter is simply plugged between the wall outlet and the electric device.

    With this basic pack may begin to create a Z-Wave network, since ZWduw064459 command can function as a master controller of a Z-Wave network using three control buttons dedicated network, located behind the cover sliding.