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    GSM motion detector

    €150.00 excl tax
    The motion detector operates very simply: it responds to human movements within protected area and informs the owner about this by calling mobile phone and sending SMS.
    From the technical viewpoint, this facility is an infrared volume announcer combined with GSM-communicator, built-in radio module allows to operate with remote controllers (turn on/off the protection mode).
    A number of patented knowledge, protected by the law of copyright, was employed at motion detector "EXPRESS GSM".
    GSM motion detector is supplied with power by Li-battery CR123 (3V). The manufacturer guarantees not less than 6 months of continuous operating with the same battery.
    Advanced options For those who want to make customs settings, there is such a possibility. There are many options to set up:
    • additional phone numbers for warning (up to 6 numbers);
    • additional remote controllers (up to 6 pieces) ;
    • warning method: call+SMS or only SMS. The first method is preferred as it is less probable to miss incoming call than SMS;
    • frequency of test messages and messages of balance. motion detector sends test messages to owner’s mobile phone with some frequency. They contain the information about signal strength and temperature of GSM-module, SIM-card balance. On default messages are sent once a week. It is possible to set up how often the messages of balance will be sent (along with every standard test message, along with every second, third, tenth etc. test message);
    • temporary delay of turning on the protection mode, of warning call;
    • time for automatic returning to protection mode after alarm. In case of false alarm motion detector will continue to protect the object and will not disturb the owner. In case of real entry, alarm messages will be sending continuously if trespasser hasn’t left;