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    Wired Motion Detector

    €24.99 incl tax
    The Mercury family offers full area vision with look-down zones, automatic temperature compensation and high-end design.

    Orion wired motion detector

    €24.99 incl tax
    With an aesthetic curvilinear design, the Orion series of detectors offers excellent detection with advanced features.

    Bi-Directional Curtain Detector

    €30.22 incl tax
    Thanks to EL’s patented Motion Vector Analysis technology, the Arrow XL operates with remarkable agility in a 9-meter curtain across display windows, skylights, sliding doors, attic entrances and corridors. Arrow XL analyzes signal pulses, recognizing their direction and distinguishing between permitted motion (approach from inside the protected perimeter) and suspicious motion (approach from outside the curtain).

    Drill-in magnetic detector

    €3.00 incl tax
    Drill-in magnetic detector , NC contact with wires. Color Brown.

    Outdoor/indoor intrusion detector

    €207.50 incl tax
    Outdoor/indoor, waterproof, Pet immune, anti-masking detector with selectable creep zone.

    Surface magnetic contact

    €3.69 incl tax

    Surface magnetic contact.

    Dual-Tech Motion Sensor (PIR & Microwave) with Pet Immunity

    €48.89 incl tax
    The detector provides an analysis of environmental conditions through the entire movement speed frequency spectrum, allowing focus on intruders and eliminating environmental factors of false alarms. The spectrum analysis is embedded in the VLSI based electronics of the detector assuring high reliability and trouble free operation.
    As the LC-104-PIMW-W is a combined technology (PIR & microwave) an alarm signal relay activation occurs only when signals from both sensors (PIR & MW) are present at the same time. The effective detection range is the range of which the patterns (PIR & MW) are intersected. The GAIN potentiometer adjustment changes the MW signal intensity so that the effective pattern will be scaled.

    LARGO P.I.R. detector

    €15.84 incl tax
    This P.I.R. motion detector is used to protect interiors. It detects any movement of objects with a temperature close to that of the human body.

    COMBO P.I.R. & glass break detector

    €30.87 incl tax
    The JS-25 COMBO is an outstanding "two in one" detector, which dramatically simplifies alarm installations.. This detector combines two sensors (P.I.R. motion & acoustic glass break) in one housing.